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Social Media

The ultimate time saver.

Struggling to find the time to update all of your social network accounts? Our Social Network Manager with Hootsuite makes it easy to keep up with all of your followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more - All from within the TrustedPartner CMS!
Multi-Network Push   Schedule Posts   Complete Integration

Multi-Network Push:

Simultaneously publish updates to your social networks and fan pages such as twitter and Facebook in one easy step.


Schedule Posts:

Choose the best time and date to reach your audience; send updates immediately as you post them on your site or schedule the post for later.


Complete Integration:

No need to visit each individual social networking site to post an update about donations, events or news and blog posts. Just go to your post or update, select your networks and hit publish!


Facebook Microsite

Gain complete control of your Facebook content allowing you to bypass Facebook’s boring layout and provide a unique and branded experience for your fans.

Grow your email list and build stronger relationships with donors.

Create Facebook contests or campaigns to collect fan email addresses and contact information.