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Fundraising & Team Fundraising

Fundraising and Team Fundraising

Increase your Non-profitability.

Donors from all generations are looking for the option to donate conveniently and securely online. Year over year, online giving has consistently increased by 20%-30%. TrustedPartner Fundraising gives you the flexibility to build and modify donation forms for multiple fundraising campaigns to raise money for your organization efficiently and securely online.



It’s time to reach your potential!

Fundraising allows you to set your goals and have all your constituents watch your goal meter grow on your fundraising page. TrustedPartner’s integrated fundraising makes fundraising inviting, fun and successful.

Empower your donors.

Donors can update their information online; update email preferences, credit card information, recurring donations, and more with their own accounts.


Peer to Peer Fundraising


Peer to Peer Fundraising.

Talk about maximizing your efforts! Peer to Peer fundraising (aka social fundraising, aka team fundraising) utilizes your supporters to fundraise on your behalf. It’s kind of beautiful if you think about it. Peer to Peer fundraising is a great way to drum up a large amount of donations in a short period of time, rally a troop of supporters, and it’s also a great way to get a bit of free marketing.